Technical Index

This page indexes all of the technical pages.

Hardware Pages:

Setting up a WRT54G as a router

Software Pages:

RSS – a simple tutorial
SKYPE – Software you should know about
VC++ 4.0 IDE problem: There is no device installed

Other Technical Pages:

Bad E-mail Ettiquette
How to Start a Blog
How to rebuild a CB700SC Starter Motor – Pics

Issues relating to Telecom New Zealand

061210 – Sunday – Telecom ‘Go Large’ problems
061212 – Tuesday – Telecom ‘Go Large’ problems -continued
061214 – Thursday – Telecom ‘Go Large’ problems – continued
061216 – Saturday – Telecom ‘Go Large’ problems – a fix
Telecom NZ – Setting up a DSL-502T router to avoid drops

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  1. Patricia W says:

    “Oopsy-Daisy!” as my mom would say. Can you remove the the comment from public display that I submitted via this portal on the Book Review page? No big deal if you can’t.

    Other books that had an impact on the person I grew to be:

    “Silent Spring” helped me understand the inter connectedness of systems integration and how one misplaced variable can screw everything up. In the planets life as well as in multidimensional arrays of 1’s and 0’s.

    “Requiem for a Woman’s Soul” kept pushing me back into social activism and made the borders of countries disappear in my perception.

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