Voyage to New Zealand

In December of 2003, I took passage on a freighter, the Direct Tui. The ship’s route took it from San Francisco to Los Angeles to New Zealand to Australia and then back to New Zealand and then home via Fiji on a two-month journey. I got off the first time it touched in New Zealand and wandered about the North Island for two weeks in a rented camper van while the ship went on to Australia and back again to New Zealand where I rejoined it.

On the trip, I wrote an extensive log complete with digital photographs and a few quicktime movies. My log was written within Microsoft’s FrontPage so it was, essentially, a portable web site. I’ve attached this entire web site/log as an appendage to the samadhisoft blog here.

By following the arrow, below, you will enter the log and the story of my trip to New Zealand. The layout and feel will be distinctly different than samadhisoft blog itself. Essentially, they have nothing in common other than that I am the author of both and that I’ve pasted them together here.

Please report any problems with the log on the Contact Form. Other than that, please enjoy it:

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