New Zealand? Why?

I’ve believed for some time that when and if things fall apart, the best place in the world to be – will be New Zealand.

Below, I’ll provide a list of the reasons why I think this is so.

I think Americans and Europeans are going to begin to twig to the same thoughts that some of us early adopters have had about New Zealand – it’s inevitable.  The facts about the place are out there on the table for anyone to see.  All someone has to do is reason it out for themselves – that chaos is coming to a badly over-extended world and then ask themselves the obvious question – Where’s the best place to run in this wide world?

Consider the following points about New Zealand and ask yourself if any place else can match the list:

Geographically isolated.
– Can more easily control unwanted immigration.
– Australia, the closest country of any size is 1250 miles away by sea.

New Zealand is a predominately English speaking country.
– 75% of the population are of European descent, 15% are Maori and 10% are other.

A society with very low corruption.
– New Zealand is one of the least corrupt countries in the world, according to Transparency International.

It has excellent physical infrastructure.
– roads, telecommunications, power, civil government, etc.
– Low population:  4.1 million people currently. 3.1 million on the North Island and 1 million on the South.
Auckland is the largest city with 1,223,000 people.
Wellington is the capital with 374,000 people.
Christchurch is the largest city on the South Island with 367,000 people.
– Physical area is about the size of Colorado.

It is composed of good fertile land suitable for agriculture
– New Zealand exports more than 50% of what it grows.
– The country is an island nation and is, therefore, surrounded on all sides by the sea
– This gives them abundant access to seafood.
– The country has extensive marine resources
– It has the fifth-largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world.

The country is progressive and educated.
– The first country in the world to give women the vote.
– First country in the world to have all the highest offices simultaneously occupied by women.
Political freedom ratings – Free; political rights and civil liberties both rated 1 (the highest score available).
Literacy Rate – Equal first with a ranking of 99.9%

Temperate weather
– The climate throughout the country is mild, mostly cool temperate to warm temperate.
– Temperatures rarely falling below 0°C (32°F) or rising above 30°C (86°F).

Religion is generally not a major factor in New Zealand.
– 40% of the population profess no religious affiliation.

Strong energy independence.
– Only 15% dependence on oil and 85% dependence on geothermal and hydroelectric.

Nothing in this list is a secret and people will begin to put it all together once things begin to fall apart.

Right now, NZ is seeking immigrants. But in not too many years, they will probably have more than they want or need as people recognize its value as a destination or a bolt-hole. It is quite possible that more than anyplace else on the globe, New Zealand will be able to weather a major breakdown of global civilizations without, itself, disassembling. After all, it has sufficient food and energy, is has a strong civil society and it is isolated enough to avoid the rampaging mobs.

It is even possible that new Zealand might end up the remaining beacon of organized civilization in the darkness.

In short, New Zealand is physically isolated, strongly capable of feeding itself, has low corruption and a strong civil society.  And this all bodes well for it being able to pull things together in hard times.  It is not deeply dependent on external energy sources, it is not deeply fractured by different cultures and religions, it has plenty of fertile land compared to the size of the population and its climate is quite livable if things get tough.

Can you name another place that can claim all this?

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  2. Gus Hubbard says:

    Ah my dear fellow, you didn’t know about the geographic fault lines that we have in abundance when you wrote this did you! Still, we who were born here often do not appreciate all the benefits we have which you mention. Kia ora, and welcome aboard the waka.

  3. Dex says:

    “A society with very low corruption” <— Have to disagree with this statement. It's not that there is low corruption, it's just that NZ is better at hiding it than most. And while NZ has an excellent physical infrastructure, fertile land, is made up of predominantly educated-progressives, if things go further south with regard to oil and the economy etc, I guarantee you, things will get pretty savage, as much as you would expect them to in any other country.

  4. Dennis says:

    New Zealand is found, year after year, to be among the very lowest in endemic corruption. Now, that may be wrong and all the experts are confused. But, if we start admitting those types of arguments, we might as well simply join the conspiracy theorists.

    You other comment that New Zealand will get violent when this chips are down is a relative staement. Yes, everyone and everything will get ugly when and if things get bad enough. But, in my opinion, as the world moves along that trajectory, New Zealand will be one of the last to succumb. Not becaue the people are qualitatively different but rather because its isolation, culture and resources will shiede it from anarchy longer.

  5. SHHHHH!!!!! Idiot!! = )

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