New Zealand Trip


Pre-Trip Notes

Before I left, I shot some pictures so I'd have something to show folks along the way if they were curious.  

There's not much to say in this section.  Immediately, below, are the pictures I shot of my home and pets and then, further down, are the pictures from the Bon Voyage party.

Our Nursery, home, neighbors and pets ...

Balcony of our house Another of the balcony with my weight gear Pythia and Kali - two of our cats in a box on my desk. Panorama 1 of 4.  Another of the track with the North Cascade mountains visible beyond.
Panorama 2 of 4 Panorama 3 of 4. Panorama 4 of 4. 'Patti-Cakes', our dog.
Panorama 1 of 5.  Balcony Panorama 2 of 5.  Outside cat enclosure.  Cats can come and go at will into this structure. Panorama 3 of 5.  Another of our back yard. Panorama 4 of 5.  And another.  Note the nursery green houses to the right.
Panorama 5 of 5.  Our house is immediately to the east of our nursery. The office in our house.   This is my work area. Another of the office.   This is Sharon's work area. Our front yard.  Japanese arch with koi pond beyond it.
Part of the Japanese Garden in our front yard. Our nursery office Looking back from the office to the house and back yard. Panorama 1 of 4.  Looking into the nursery from the front gate.
Panorama 2 of 4. Panorama 3 of 4. Panorama 4 of 4. View down the main road of the nursery.   Greenhouses 1 thru 17 are on the left.

The Bon Voyage party (at which, a certain strange red wig made its rounds...).

Sharon, Alicia and Susan Alicia .... dhar-ling. Susan
Your author (ain't he cute?) Dennis loves Gene! Alicia and Gene (perpetrators of all the 'wig' mayhem)