New Zealand Trip


16 Dec 2003 - Engine Room Tour

I took many photos on the engine room tour:

Anatoly and myself in mess room before tour Air Conditioning unit Refrigeration Unit Ship's Office Computer Ballasting System in Ship's Office
First Engineer Anatoly's Office Second view of Anatoly's Office Descending into the Engine Room Engine Control Room electrical panels Engine Control Room electrical panels
Engine Control Room electrical panel Norcontrol Safety System RPM Governor Engine Control Room Maneuvering lever Main Engine Parameters screen Engine Control Room wide view
Deeper into the Engine area Fuel Oil centrifuge Return pipes from heating tanks ID plate on main engine Shaft to the propeller with bearing
Looking up from below Main engine Main engine Two spare cylinders for repairs at sea Main engine Injection Fuel Pumps
Electric power generator 1 of 4 Electric power generator other side Main engine from aft Machine shop lathe machine shop and third engineer
Machine shop tool rack Steering control for the rudder Spares