New Zealand Trip


Map of my trip to New Zealand

New Zealand - 031220 to 040103 031204-1640 @ 35.10N, 121.40W 031207-1008 @ 32.56N, 119.15W 031208-0700 @28.10N, 124.50W 031209-0720 @ 22.06N, 130.41W 031210-0610 @ 16.03N, 135.58W 031210-1600 @ 13.29N, 138.07W 031211-0706 @ 9.33N, 141.09W 031211-1545 @ 7.20N, 142.46W 031212-0807 @ 3.16N, 145.58W 031212-2011 @ 0.30N, 148.08W 031213-0708 @ 2.26S, 150.17W 031213-1848 @ 5.15S, 152.30W 031214-0937 @ 8.54S, 155.12W 031214-2024 @ 11.27S, 157.12W 031215-0815 @ 14.12S, 159.27W 031215-2224 @ 17.43S, 162.21W 031216-1532 @ 21.49S, 165.52W 031218-0806 @ 25.54S, 169.49W 031218-1945 @ 28.38S, 172.32W 031219-1601 @ 32.41S, 177.18W The US is to the upper right and new Zealand is to the lower left.  This map was copied from Microsoft's Encarta 2004 program.   I used the map, in Encarta, to plot our positions one or more times a day using my handheld GPS unit.   Some of the position markers on the map appear as small ships while others look like three small colored boxes.  The latter look the way they do because there are multiple position markers gathered there.

The southbound trip went from Oakland to Los Angeles and then to New Zealand.

The northbound trip went from New Zealand to Fiji and then back to Oakland.

In New Zealand, I traveled by camper van around most of the coastline of the North Island

This map to the left has been setup with hot spots (supported on Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser 4.0 or later).   If you move your mouse across the  icons, they will tell you when or where you are in the trip and if you click them, they will take you to the appropriate place in the web page/s.  

Note that on this map, there is only one icon associated with New Zealand.   To see more detail about the New Zealand portion of my trip, click that icon.