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QuickTime Information

I've shot a number of small QuickTime movies and included them on this web site.  I say 'small' because each movie lasts only a maximum of 35 seconds but they are anything but small in terms of size and download times.   Each 35 second QuickTime movie is about nine megabytes in size.

So, if you are looking at the site via a high speed (DSL or Cable Modem) type connection, your delay times while the movies load may be bearable.   I'm sure that anything slower than DSL or Cable will be unbearably slow.   On my system, using DSL, I was able to download a 9 MB clip in about 2 minutes.

I've set these clips up so that they will not start playing automatically once they are loaded.   You will need to click or double click on the movie image to start it, once loading is complete.

If you do not have a QuickTime viewer installed on your system, you can get one by following this Internet link:

On my wife's system, there was an older QuickTime viewer installed already.   When I used it to play a clip, it seemed to play but there was no image shown.   I followed the link above and upgraded her player and then the clips played on her system fine.

Alternatively, if you are looking at this web site on a stand alone CD ROM and you are not connected to the internet, you may be able to install the QuickTime viewer from an executable I've included on the CD itself.  

Search for a directory on the CD called "Special Collections".   When you find it, look for a file there named QuickTimeFullInstaller.exe

If you run this program, it should be able to install the QuickTime viewer on your system without needing to connect to the Internet. 

WARNING:  This installation has worked for me but I disavow all responsibility for how well this may work or not work on your system.   Be warned that if you proceed, all responsibility is yours. 

FYI, my system is running Windows XP Home Edition and my browser is Internet Explorer version 6.0.