Book – Red Sky at Morning by James Gustave Speth

“One thing is clear; the needed changes will not simply happen. No hidden hand is guiding technology or the economy towards sustainability. The issues on the global environmental agenda are precisely the type of issues – long term, chronic, complex – where genuine, farsighted leadership from elected officials as at a premium. But we have not seen this leadership emerge, and we have waited long enough. What we need now is an international movement of citizens and scientists, one capable of dramatically advancing the political and personal actions needed for the transition to sustainability.

James Gustave Speth
Dean & Professor – Yale School of Forestry & Environmental studies

I’ve read a number of books in the last few years on the coming global climate crisis and Speth’s is probably the one I would give the highest rating to. What sets Speth off from other authors is the fact that whereas they may have written extensively on the global environmental crisis, he has spent much of his life working directly on environmental issues through lawsuits, legislation, environmental research, serving as an advisor to presidents Carter and Clinton and in international negotiations to implement various treaties, conventions and protocols. 

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