Book – Plan B by Lester R. Brown

Plan B not only argues … for the restructuring of the economy, it points out why this needs to be done at wartime speed.  Time is running out.  Whereas historically we lived off the interest generated by the earth’s natural capital assets, we are now consuming those assets themselves.  We have built an environmental bubble economy, one where economic output is artificially inflated by overconsumption of the earth’s natural assets.  The challenge today is to deflate the bubble before it bursts.

Lester R. Brown
Founder and former President of The World Watch Institute
Founder and President of the Earth Policy Institute
Plan B, like the Ehrlich’s One with Nineveh, is a strongly balanced book written by an author deeply familiar with the subject matter.

In addition to discussing the global environmental crisis in great detail, Brown spends a good deal of time thinking about where the first environmental meltdowns are likely to occur and what effects they might have.  One area that concerns him is China with its 1.3 billion people.

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Brown has published an updated verion of his book called Plan B 2.0.

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