060626 – Monday morning

Monday morning. Fresh from Starbuck’s. TIme has a lot of cycles here at the nursery. Years, months weeks each have their rythym and predictability.

Today, last week’s done. The accounting’s caught up – we know what we made for the week. This morning, I’ll run the deposit down to the bank and mail out the week’s bills.

They say men are mono-taskers and that women are a lot better at multi-tasking. I don’t doubt that it’s true. But, in this job, I’ve learned to multi-task better than all my years in the computer industry ever taught me. Accounting, customers, computers, web sites, machinery, irrigation systems, personal projects and more all come and go in any day’s hours almost without predictabilty.

Woods Creek Wholesale Nursery

But, none of this is in the form of complaint. When I drove out today on my way to Starbucks, I took a look around at all the greenhouses and plants and trees standing everywhere. Greenery and health incarnate in the morning light. And I realized how blessed I am. Most of what I saw was my wife and my worker’s doings and yet I get to be a part of it all. And blessed by Good Livelyhood in the Buddhist sense. Blessed by a successful business and workers and customers that are a constant pleasure.

Someday, I’ll say more here about my wife, Sharon. But it’ll be a longer piece than I have time to wade into this morning. She is the central wonder and treasure in my life.

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