060727 – Thursday

Temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest have gotten back into their normal ranges and that’s a relief. Business here at the nursery has picked up as well after the heat wave passed.

Our trip to New Zealand is less than a month away now and preparations are beginning. I always feel a growing sense of excitement before a big trip.

I tried to upgrade the forum software portion of this site two days ago and botched it and the result is we have no forum capabilities here now. This isn’t a big loss because the readership here is still low enough that the need for a forum is still minimal but I hope that changes over time.

The problem with the forum upgrade is the same problem I have with a lot of the WordPress (that’s the blogging software I use here) stuff. It is well documented but I don’t find the documentation particularly well organized so it’s hard to wend your way through it in a top-down fashion. Also, the many PHP files which make up WordPress and its many plugin additions are very poorly commented so they are difficult to follow without a lot of close study and I’m usually moving at such a rate of speed that I want to spend five minutes to look at the code and than make a change and until I understand things better, that’s a dangerous method.

I suspect that the poor commenting within the code is due to the cafeine afflicted youth of the writers who’ve eschewed anything so old-school as commenting their code because anyone who’s really ‘with it’ can obviously noodle it all out in five seconds – and it is extra work and they just want to plunge to the end-game and the glory thereafter.

Quarter end taxes today. Rebuilding the sides of the dump truck today so we can carry loads to the dump so we can clean up the pipes storage area so we can install a second pipes rack so that pipe storage is better organized.

Meanwhile, I have a pile of magazines here I want to comment on here on the blog. Not to mention that I have a piece to write on the Perfect Storm which really need to get done since it is a core piece of what this blog’s about.

Whooo-yaa! I’ve had my coffee – out and at ’em.

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