A reminder

Just a reminder that if you want to follow what’s going on on this Blog or any other blogs or websites, there’s an easy way to do it with what are called News Aggregators.

The news aggregator I use is called RSS Bandit. It is easy to setup and easy to use and you can follow what’s going on with dozens of blogs and websites effortlessly. The new aggregator tracks the sites and informs you when there’s been new stuff posted and it will inform you on the schedule you want. And, the best thing is that when you want to see the new content, you don’t have to fire up a web browser and go to the site – RSS Bandit can show it all to you right there within itself. No muss – no fuss. Using a news aggregator saves me a lot of time daily.

I’ve written a short tutorial here: which tells you how to obtain (free) and setup RSS Bandit. And, if you don’t like that particular news aggregator, there are many more available for free for you to use.

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