Climate Skeptics working New Zealand as well

– Climate skeptics are working world-wide.  Even in such an environmentally enlightened country as New Zealand, the claims and counter claims rise to confuse the public over what’s best for all of our futures.   Hopefully, they’ll be smarter than we’ve been to date.


News from new Zealand:

Call for TVNZ Balance on ‘Alarmist Doomcasting’

A challenge to TVNZ to balance what he termed “alarmist doomcasting” in its Tuesday evening 6 pm OneNews, has been issued by the secretary of the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, Terry Dunleavy.

“TVNZ chose to broadcast a hugely exaggerated claim about global warming by an American supporter of global warming, James Hansen, on precisely the same day that Mr Hansen was being denounced in the U.S. Senate, by Senator James Inofe, chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. I challenge TVNZ to balance the record with the following except from Senator Inofe’s speech,” said Mr Dunleavy:

“On March 19 of this year ‘60 Minutes’ profiled NASA scientist and alarmist James Hansen, who was once again making allegations of being censored by the Bush administration. In this segment, objectivity and balance were again tossed aside in favour of a one-sided glowing profile of Hansen.


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