061216 – Saturday – Telecom ‘Go Large’ problems – a fix

This is the fourth in a series of postings on this topic. You’ll need to read the earlier posts to see what’s on here.

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The big new today is not that Telecom has fixed the problem. They have not, to my knowledge. It is that a fellow up in Auckland has devised a functional work-around until Telecom does get things sorted out.

You can find a “How To” document on on the fix here:

Read everything before trying this and if it doesn’t work for you, do not contact me – I am not going to do technical support of this.

You are welcome to add comments to this post, however, to record your experiences with this fix so others can learn from your work.

4 Responses to “061216 – Saturday – Telecom ‘Go Large’ problems – a fix”

  1. Keith Patton says:

    http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies-archive.cfm/620659.html details how to change the ADSL modulation on a netgear DG834G router (which i have). I’m unsure about which modulation i should be using, but have selected ADSL_G.dmt, have just made the switch, rebooted router and will post up to geekzone the results, which one below is equivalent to the setting proposed by neil?

    # cat /proc/avalanche/avsar_dsl_modulation_schemes
    NO_MODE 0x0
    ADSL_G.dmt 0x3
    ADSL_G.lite 0x4
    ADSL_G.dmt.bis 0x8
    ADSL_G.dmt.bis_DELT 0x9
    ADSL_2plus 0x10
    ADSL_2plus_DELT 0x11
    ADSL_re-adsl 0x20
    ADSL_re-adsl_DELT 0x21
    ADSL_ANSI_T1.413 0x2
    MULTI_MODE 0x1
    ADSL_G.dmt.bis_AnxI 0x0
    ADSL_G.dmt.bis_AnxJ 0x0
    ADSL_G.dmt.bis_AnxM 0x400
    ADSL_2plus_AnxI 0x0
    ADSL_2plus_AnxJ 0x0
    ADSL_2plus_AnxM 0x2000
    G.shdsl 0x0
    IDSL 0x0
    HDSL 0x0
    SDSL 0x0
    VDSL 0x0

  2. Keith Patton says:

    actually, ADSL_G.lite is what we want, it has reduced my downstream from 7000 kbps to 3552 kbps, but let’s hope it’s more stable;)

    DownStream Connection Speed 3552 kbps
    UpStream Connection Speed 160 kbps

  3. Dennis says:


    The mode Neil found (ADSL (ITU G.992.2) cuts downstream to 2656 kbps and upstream to 160 kbps (at least that what my ADSL 502T is reporting now). I’m happy with slower speed in exchange for a solid signal. Yeah!

  4. merv says:

    well i have go pro at $80 per month abd had the same prodlems ringing telecom was pointless they just told more lies so i installed peerguardian and opened up 50 ports xpsp2 allows only 25 ports now i have the speeds back but still the line drops telecom told me it was my old 302g modem but would not replace it ane neither did they offer me a refund i had golarge for one month and could only download 2 Gb downloading 24/7 telecom are stealing from all new zealanders are seems they are allowed to