701025 – Thursday – Good radio

At the moment, I’m listening to an Internet radio station I really like and I’ve decide to put up a permanent page here on the blog for such things. The new permanent page will be called Internet Radio . As of now, it’ll contain a short list – just one entry – but I’ll add more over time.

I use WinAmp to listen to Radiostations here. WinAmp can pull down ShoutCast broadcasts and the ShoutCast technology has opened the world up so that anyone anywhere with a good Internet connections can be a Disc Jockey to the world, if they want.

The first station I’m going to put up here is at (see the Internet Radio Page) and you’ll probably need WinAmp to give it a listen. This station is based out of Auckland, New Zealand and they bill themselves as Soul FM New Zealand – Mixed Easy World Latin African Asian Celtic Native New Age Meditation.

Enjoy. I’ve eight more days here before I fly back to the States. I’m going to try to put together a longer post before I go and summarize what’s happened to me here these two and a half months in New Zealand and all of my feelings about the place and the people I’ve met. It’s been a beautiful experience.

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