070207 – Wednesday – I need help, please

I’m not particularly good at marketing and outreach so this Blog has significantly less readers than it might. I have asked a few other blogs that I like to cross link with me and a few have and some have driven decent amounts of traffic towards samadhisoft. But, there’s lots more that could be done.

If you like this blog and if you follow other blogs that are compatible in samadhisoft’s outlook, consider asking them if they would be willing to cross link with samadhisoft. If you, a reader asks, it will have more impact and thus a better chance of selling the idea than if I ask since I’m the author of the site.

I’m also open for other ideas about how else I might increase my outreach. Perhaps you work with websites and know a lot about how websites position themsleves to increase their readership? If you like what you read here, I would appreciate any advice you’d be willing to share.

I’m passionate about what I write here and I hope it shows. I think these points of view need to get a wider dispersal. Help me expand samadhisoft’s readership.


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