New Zealand, Telecom and the future

For my New Zealand friends who read this site, I recommend you take a look at the following posting from one of your best and brightest.

Rod Drury has written a paper entitled, “Securing our Digital Trade Routes” and it makes some strong and appropriate suggestions with regard to what New Zealand should do about reforming its telecommunications structure – if it doesn’t want to get left at the back of the pack with the third-world nations.

I highly recommend it.

Here’s the link to his post and the paper:

One Response to “New Zealand, Telecom and the future”

  1. Paul Campbell says:

    for whatever reason Rod’s blogg wont let me post …. when I moved back to NZ a couple of years back I brought a Vonage router (and my home phone number with me) it’s serviceable even with telecom’s service – I reccomend this solution – it’s ~US$20/month but all your old friends get to call you at the same phone number