071216 – The Sunday Morning Report

In trying to get some loose measures how how life here in New Zealand is different than in the United States, I’ve come up with the Coffee Criteria.

“Wha zat?”, you say.

Well, in my small town of Monroe, back in the US, the local Starbucks coffee shops are open by 430 or 5 AM. Americans want to get an early jump on getting that 60 or 70 hour work week rolling.

Coffee !

Here in Christchurch, New Zealand, there may be a few coffee shops that open that early but I haven’t found them around here. My local shop opens at 7 AM. I’ve looked for something earlier and I’ve been disappointed. Some of us stand around for five or ten minutes in front of the place waiting for the doors to be opened and I’m sure the folks inside think we’re nuts.

Another measure of the differences? How about the Barefoot Criteria?

Yes, New Zealanders find shoes a very optional dress requirement. In the US, barefoot usually means:

– you are at home and in for the evening, or

– you are fourteen or under, it’s summer and you are playing outside or

– you are at the beach.

In NZ, barefoot means you are probably not currently attending a formal dress party.

dem feet

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