080101 – Tuesday – off on a big ride

New Zealand - South IslandI’m off tomorrow early for a big ride up to the north end of the South island to visit my friends, Bob and Cynthia, who moved up to Takaka near Golden Bay recently.BIG image of northern part of the South Island This second image of the northern part of the South Island is big so if you have a slow connection, don’t click on it because it’ll take awhile to download.

I’ll probably follow in inland route to their place. I’ll stay there for two days and then on the 5th, I’ll take off and return via Kaikoura on the eastern coast of the South Island north of Christchurch which will route me all along the ocean along the top of the South Island and then all down the east coast.

With no delays, I’ll probably be back here on Sunday, January 6th. I’ll have photos and another report on all that I see along that route.

Right now the weather’s shaping up beautifully. 27 C predicted tomorrow which is 80 F.

Cheers, until then.

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