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One of the web sites you will see displayed along the right hand margin of Samadhisoft is The Edge. The edge is a place where some of the world’s best scientists and thinkers come to muse about things. If you call yourself an intellectual and you haven’t yet sampled The Edge, you’ve been missing out.

The Edge was setup by John Brockman who is the author of several books I’ve read and treasured immensely. Two of these are:

The Third Culture

The New Humanists

I can highly recommend John Brockman’s books and the web site, The Edge.

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It takes a lot to admit that you have changed your mind about something but dozens of leading scientists, scholars and intellectuals have done just that for a New York-based website that describes itself as an influential online salon for free thinkers.

This year’s annual question posed by asks visitors to the site to submit a short explanation to address the issue of what you have changed your mind about and why?

Previous questions on the site have been along the lines of, what is your most dangerous idea? And, what are you optimistic about?

“When thinking changes your mind, that’s philosophy. When God changes your mind, that’s faith. When facts change your mind, that’s science. And science is what’s on the minds of the world-class scientists and thinkers on Edge,” said John Brockman, the New York literary agent behind the website.

Steven Pinker, the Harvard psychologist and language expert, said he had changed his mind about whether humans were still evolving. He used to believe people had so isolated themselves from natural selection that evolution had stopped, but now he was not so sure.

“I’ve had to question the overall assumption that human evolution pretty much stopped at the time of the agricultural revolution,” Professor Pinker said.

“New studies suggest that thousands of genes have been subjected to strong natural selection over the past several thousand years, which means evolution is far from over for man.”

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