Intelligence … IQ > EQ > SQ?

– A friend of mine sent me this. It’s from Life Positive – Your complete Guide to Holistic Living.

– I think theories of what intelligence is have been badly flawed thus far and I wouldn’t claim that this article sorts the business out by any means because it is just more conjecture.  (Indeed, these folks seem a bit confused when they mention someone as having an IQ of 210.  I was under the impression that the IQ scale maxed out at 200?)

– I think we are still miles and miles from really having a scientifically derived grip on what intelligence actually is.

-But the article does make for interesting and thoughtful reading.

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IQ and EQ give way to spiritual intelligence, the ultimate intelligence that can add value and meaning to your life

For long, the world gave much importance to Intelligence Quotient. “My son has an IQ of 210!” the proud mother would gush. “He’s going to be a scientist.” This attitude is a legacy of the early 20th century when psychologists devised tests to measure intelligence. These tests primarily measured intellectual or rational intelligence (used to solve logical problems). The higher the figure, the belief went, the greater the intelligence. In mid-1990s, Daniel Goleman revealed findings in neuroscience and psychology that stressed the importance of Emotional Quotient (EQ). This makes us aware of our feelings and that of others. It gives empathy, motivation, compassion and an ability to respond skillfully to pleasure and pain. Goleman argued that EQ was a basic requirement for the use of IQ. If the areas of our brain that feel are damaged, our ability to think effectively is diminished.

Last year, however, authors Dana Zohar and Ian Marshall introduced a new dimension to human intelligence. Spiritual Quotient (or SQ) is the ultimate intelligence, they claim. This is the intelligence used to solve problems of meaning and value. “Is my job giving me the fulfillment I seek?” “Am I relating to the people in my life in a way that contributes to their happiness and mine?” Answers to these questions determine whether we will find happiness or not. IQ and EQ are inadequate in such issues.

Spiritual intelligence,” explains Ram Mohan, a Vedanta teacher, “is about the growth of a human being. It is about moving on in life. About having a direction in life and being able to heal ourselves of all the resentment we carry. It is thinking of ourselves as an expression of a higher reality. It is also about how we look at the resources available to us. We realize that nature is not meant to be exploited. Ultimately, we discover freedom from our sense of limitation as human beings and attain moksha.”


– research thx to Mike D.

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