Greed in NZ, too

– Nice post today in a New Zealand Blog (Amerinz) written by an American immigrant to that country. He writes about corporate greed and how corporations are only beholding to their shareholders and how, as a business model, that isn’t necessarily the best thing for the people who have to share their societies with these ravenous and amoral entities.

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I’ve written about corporate greed many times. I’ve been critical about corporate ethics, and about the modern business paradigm in which nothing matters to corporations except maximising return to investors.

Today, there was an example of what I’ve been talking about.

New Zealand appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel has announced that it’s shutting factories in Dunedin in New Zealand, Brisbane in Australia and one in California, shifting the jobs to Asia. 1070 people will loose their jobs, 430 of them in New Zealand. Last year the company announced that it was eliminating even more jobs in Auckland, shipping them to Asia.


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