Republican Government Announces New Socialist Corporate Bailout

– An excellent and sharp edged bit of writing from The Sietch Blog:

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Thats right, the unthinkable (if you are a free market republican) has happened. The REPUBLICANS after years of steadily chopping away regulation after regulation seem to be super surprised that in a market that has no laws, or rules, or even guide lines….crazy greed induced meltdown has occurred. Let me be the first to say…DUH!

It doesn’t take a mental giant to realize that people will get away with what they can. Because the Bush administration has been so lax in it’s oversight of financial markets (I will lump in the republican congress that went along with him for most of the last 8 years, and even sprinkle a little blame on the Democrats who have only been in power for the last 2) that the fox left to guard the hen house has long since eaten all the chickens.

Here is a two minute history lesson. After the great depression, FDR and a bunch of other “liberals” put into place a bunch of laws to make it impossible for the banking world, and the finacial markets to get too cozy. As soon as the gavel struck on the supreme courts desk giving Bush the win in 2000 those rules began to be attacked (to be fair Regan and Bush 1 did their best to kill as many of them as they could as well). 8 years later, we have no rules, and an economic shit storm.

So in essence, every single splinter of the conservative plank has fallen apart. Economically, ecologically, diplomatically, constitutionally, socially, every single thing they stand for has been proven WRONG by the events on the ground.

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