Just say uncle

MessageMy mother and I went over to visit my uncle and his family once when I was a small tyke of seven or eight years old.   While we were visiting, my uncle snuck outside and jacked my mother’s car up so all four wheels were like an inch off the ground.   Then he comes back in and continued to visit.   When we got ready to go, we  all went outside and everyone said goodbye and my mom put the car in gear and pressed the gas and the engine went, vroooooooom… and nothing, of course happened.   I still recall my uncle standing outside on my mom’s window with such a straight face – asking her what was wrong and her looking so confused.   He asked her, “Did ya put in in gear, Ann?”.   “Yes”, she said, “I think so.”  But, of course by this time, she wasn’t sure of anything.   What a joker that guy was.

Another time, when I was a teenager, I went out to dinner with him and we went to a restaurant with big plate glass windows and a big wide gravel parking lot.   We were in a dune-buggy.  He pulls in the parking lot at about 40 miles an hour and heads straight for the big front windows full bore.  When he’s really close, he stands on the brakes and slides and slides until we bump (hard) into the big log just under the windows and we stop.   He gets out, cool as a cucumber, and walks in while I’m dragging along behind just gaping at him.   I think half the people inside by the window had to get up and go change their underwear.

Life was always fun around my uncle.

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