Nuclear Power ?

– A decade ago, people (most people) were pretty clear that the big problem with nuclear power is the waste it generates.   And, the wide consensus was that until we solve that problem, using nuclear power is a no-win strategy.  Yes, we get the power now but we have to do something with the waste – and we really have no good idea what to do with it other than burying it.

– It takes over 10,000 years to begin to cool down.   Essentially, we are burying extremely dangerous stuff that we can only hope does not impact those living here in thousands of years.   I, personally, don’t think we have that right – to put them at great risk.

– If humanity had faced up to its impending energy problems a decade or two ago, we might have had time to build out alternative energy systems to replace oils and gases.   But, we went into denial on the entire issues and now we’re drawing close to the time when the lights really are going to go off if we don’t take action.

– In short, we’ve driven ourselves into the fatal corner wherein nuclear power is the only real option we have – other than letting the light go off.   That’s pretty short term thinking and, unfortunately, those living here on Earth many thousands of years from now, may have to pay a terrible price for our thoughtlessness.

– Here are two stories about nuclear power as it is evolving in the world today:

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Chris Huhne says new nuclear plants on track for 2018

Italy: ‘No choice but to return to nuclear power

One Response to “Nuclear Power ?”

  1. M says:

    I am wondering why you are worried about 10,000 years from now? How many people will there be then? Seems to me the greater threat is today. The earth is being denuded of about every resource of consequence: water, forests, ice, air, coal, oil, soil, metals, precious metals, animals, fish, vegetables, fruits etc, etc. If that don’t get them, I am sure the sheer amount of pollution should do the job.

    I seriously doubt there will be much left of civilization by that time nuclear power or not. Also, I think that Lovelock spelled out the benefits of going nuclear. The actual amount of nuclear waste is not that great, and could be managed most effectively.

    Since we collectively are not willing to manage this planet, let those of us that are here now, enjoy the little that remains.