About Bin Laden…

If killing Bin Laden is going to decrease the violence and the Al Qaida activity, then it’s probably a good thing. I personally don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference. And there was something disturbing to me about the cheering crowds and the national bloodlust/revenge mentality that ensued. Violence is violence. It’s a sad thing. They had to shoot him and kill him because there would be no way they could hold him in any kind of jail without the entire Muslim world either trying to spring him or making him a living martyr, or the white redneck right wing trying to execute him in ten thousand ways every single day. It would have been a public relations nightmare and a wordwide disaster. And not releasing the gruesome photos is a good decision. As Obama said, we don’t need to spike the football (or wave his scalp in front of the Muslim extremist world). The fact is the U.S. and the oil companies took over the Middle East many years ago and shoved in their own dictators and ‘Shahs’ and power brokers and pissed all over those ignorant ‘sand niggers’, ‘camel jockeys’, ‘diaper heads’, and ‘rug pilots’, and fucked them for years. Even up until today almost half the Egyptian population was living on $2.00 a day while Mubarak made off with a 70 billion dollar fortune. Hussein was a hero when he was on our side, but we killed him when he got too big for his britches and wanted Kuwait. But now those people have computers and TV and can see how the rest of the world lives and that women are not garbage, and that people in other countries have ‘human rights’ and don’t have to put up with the shit they have had to put up with for all these years. So, despite all the ‘altruism’ and flag waving and Bible thumping and cheering, at bottom the whole stinking mess comes back down to oil, power, greed (gas is right back up to $4.00 a gallon, as you may have noticed), corruption, and good old MONEY. (And I’m sure that if the Muslim world had had the power and technology, and the U.S. had the oil and the ignorance they would have fucked us the same way we have been fucking them, despite their ‘Koran’ and religious bullshit. People are people, unfortunately.)
And so it goes…………..”Civilization is the long process of learning to be kind”, as someone intelligent once said. And we have a hell of a long way to go.


– This piece is by my friend, Van. An excellent writer and thinker who I think should have a blog of his own. But, until he does, I’ll be happy to repost his stuff here.

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