Christchurch Earthquakes continuing…

– Had a 5.5 today and then an hour later, a 6.0.   Some buildings have come down that were previously damaged and a half dozen or so folks have been hospitalized with moderate injuries.   50,000 are without power for the moment.    Everyone in this beautiful city is wondering when will all this end.

– For me, personally, my apartment is still in limbo.   I can’t live in it, I can’t sell it and I can’t rent it.   Chances are running about 50:50 as to whether they will rebuild it or demolish it.   At the moment, I’m favoring demolition so I can make a new start.

Update: 15 June 2011:  the 5.5 and 6.0 have been upgraded after closer study and they are now judged to have been a 5.7 and a 6.3.   And, they are now saying that these newest one indicate that we still have a 30% chance of another in the 6.0 range.   Another 50 buldings are down from these latest ones.

– Dennis

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