Irvine, California – day 4

This has been a more laid back day than the previous days. We’ve seen most of what I wanted to show Colette about SoCal and it was good day (Saturday) to spend some time at home with Dan and Ann and Cody and Eden.

Ann made us pumpkin pancakes in the morning which were delicious.

Then we just goofed around until around lunch time, when we all went to a market called, “Whole Foods” which Dan told us is a 100% employee-owner enterprise. It was a huge place and I commented that if we lived around there, it would take us about six months to sample all the good stuff they had there.

After lunch, Ann took off with Cody and Eden and Dan remained with us and I asked him if he’d give Colette a tour of the Costco, which was just beside the Wholefood Market and he did.

For someone from New Zealand, with only 4.1 million people, Costco just has to be seen. So, it was interesting to take a walk throught the place.

We dropped Dan off at the house and Colette and I took off to San Clemente again. I thought that since We’d only seen it by night, it would be good to see it by day as well since it is such a pretty place. We drove down and had a nice walk around on a rainy afternoon and then a coffee.

After that, we returned to Dan’s place and spent the balance of the day with them. There were some grand kids there that needed some tickling 🙂

That evening, Ann’s parents, Sally and Bernie, came over which was an excellent surprise. Sally brought a pumpkin pie which we all enjoyed.

Then, off to bed to sleep and prepare for the long journey up the westcoast.

Love to my sweet family and thanks for your love and hospitality.


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