Monterey, California

In Monterey now at the El Adobe Inn. Just got back from a walk down to the fisherman’s wharf. But, the wharf was not the big attraction tonight. On the way, on Munras Avenue, we encountered a four block stretch blocked off from cars and set up for street vendors and there were many of them there selling everything from jewelery to sushi. It was packed and fun to stroll through looking at everything.

Today’s drive was really nice. The stretch from Morro Bay to Monterey is glorious. Mile after mile of rugged coastline with spots to pull off and take a look;, which we did many times.

We stopped into the visitor center at Hearst’s Castle and looked through it. I think we got thee drift without going up the hill for the big tour.

At a stop not long after, a lot of seagulls, both full grown and fledglings, were just lying about in the parking lot like they were too casual to move – even for a car. We got out and we’d walked a few feet for a better look at the sea and the cliffs when Colette noticed small animal standing up on a rock looking at us. It was a squirel.

We walked over for a better look full expecting it to vanish as soon as it saw us getting closer. Instead, it jumped off the rock and ran right over to her and at that point, she began to back up pretty briskly! She said she was afraid it was just going to keep coming and run right up her leg.

Indeed, it came within 18 inches of her foot. And, everytime she backed up, it would charge again. I was laughing so hard I could hardly speak.

Finally, she got a bagel from the car to appease it and then all the seagulls leaped to life and began to swirl and kaw. It was all great fun. Soon a second squirrel came out and the bagel didn’t last long.

We stopped for lunch at a small place called Gorda at a cafe with a nautical bric-a-brac theme. Food was a bit expensive but the views were nice.

When we got to Carmel, we took a trip through town on the side streets. A pretty but expensive place, I think.

Then onto Monterey and here we are settled in for another evening. Tomorrow, onto Santa Cruz, which we are really looking forward to.


4 Responses to “Monterey, California”

  1. Joel says:

    Not a single mention of reading/hearing any regional, national or international news, and the associated angst and broader perspective. What, are you taking a vacation from worldly involvement too?

  2. Dennis says:

    Oh, I am indeed. I was just thinking last night tht I haven’t heard much news in a week now. Still thinking about a lot of it though.

  3. Alan says:

    If you drive up the hill to UCSC from downtown Santa Cruz, say hi to the banana slugs for me.

  4. Mary Furnari says:

    I am loving reading about your travels. These are the places of my youth, my past, so many fond memories. I can visualize the rugged California coast, the Venice beach walkway, So Cal, Monterey and Carmel. You are on to Santa Cruz, where our family spent a week by the beach each summer while I was little. It makes me a tad homesick and wishing I had the time to wonder the path you are on. Keep the messages come and be safe! Warm hugs from all of us in Dunedin!