La Push, Washington – day 1

Astoria to La Push wasn’t terribly notable. We crossed the big bridge after saying good bye to the Sea Lions who had serenaded us so well and we were in Washington State again heading north.

Along the way, we stopped into Aberdeen. It’s a sad and rundown town that’s seen better days. We walked up and down in the main section of town and many stores were closed and things had, to me, a bad feeling. I was glad to depart.

I believe we’re all doing the right thing by controlling lumbering to hold it within renewables limits but it is sad to see the severe effect the cutbacks in productivity have had on many communities in this area.

We drove on and reached La Push by mid-afternoon.

They said that the room rate for then upstairs room I wanted would be $89 a night and I tried to negotiate $80 since, I said, we’d be there three days. Result? They said they were having a special and I could have it for three nights for the price of two! Damn – lucky boy again.

We checked in and then went back to Forks for supplies and then settled in for the evening with the constant sound of the waves outside.


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