Port Orford, Oregon

Lincoln City to Port Orford, Oregon today – along the Oregon coast.

After a nice breakfast in our room of granola, yogurt and fruit, which Colette made us, we paid a visit to an expresso stand just beside our motel and then we were off down the highway; coffees in hand for a new day.

And it was a nice leisurely day of driving; no pressure to be any particular place by any certain time.

Along the way, I put in an audio recording of Carolyn Myss’ “Spiritual Madness” talk.   It’s one I’ve listened to several times and I always find it rewarding.   I was hoping Colette would find it interesting.   One never knows if one’s own passions will appeal to others.

I was deeply pleased to see that she listened and  absorbed it with deep attention.  And, it resulted in several keen discussions as we paused it to talk.  

Colette and I have quite different takes on the question of meaning and purpose in life so our discussions are interesting as we each try sincerely to understand the other’s thinking.   

I think that much of what I’ve come to understand through a spiritual lens, she’s come to understand through her own ways of understanding the world.  

Indeed, more than anyone I’ve known in this life, she’s taken all that’s happened to her previously in her life and learned from it.  And she brings all that learning forward with her into her next encounter with great self awareness and the best of intentions.   Admirable.

For me, Carolyn Myss’ talk in “Spiritual Madness” reminds me in words of so much that circulates in me at wordless levels.  Things I’ve understood and forgotten many times in this incarnation.  And, it reminds me that I am doing well.   I have made some progress.  I have understood some of what is to be understood as my life has left its scars on me.  I have learned to say ‘yes’ to so much; I feel deeply blessed.

We stopped at the Devil’s Churn and had a nice walk and a look at this interesting place.   

I found my self wishing I was there, present, when a big winter storm rolled in.   And this thought is not unrelated to the ideas and feeling that Myss’ talk has been arousing in me.   

I want all the experiences this life offers and I’ve said plainly to God in my prayers, to bring it on.  I’ve invited the lighting to strike me rather than to live the quiet life.   

There would, I am sure, be days at the Devil’s Churn, when I would feel and see that power of the sea played out like the raging passion that music can sometimes create in us – and I want it.

From there, we drove further south to Bandon where we stayed on our way north.   A beautiful place and we drove around taking it all in this time.   On our first visit, it was late, dark and stormy when we arrived and finding our accommodations was a hassle.   Today, we were much better able to ‘see’ the place and its beauty.

The place has another significance for Colette.   Her former Husband, Bruce, the father of her two boys, owns a beach house in Bandon.   It was at his place that we stayed on our trip north.   So, there’s that overlay that gives it all another flavor as well.   Her son’s have been here with their father in years past and I think she (and I as well) see it all through their eyes as well. Many lives cross here.

From Bandon, we continued south until Port Orford where we found a nice place just as the sun was setting and now we’re settled in for another evening here out in the wilds of America.


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