Santa Rosa, California

Fort Bragg to Santa Rosa, California.

We’re sitting here in Santa Rosa tonight absorbing the news from New Zealand about the latest series of earthquakes there a few hours ago.   What a bummer.   Everyone has been hoping, since it’s been relatively quiet since last June, that it might all be winding down.  But it doesn’t look like it now.

Colette’s sons, who are both in Christchurch just now, are OK and her house is OK as well so that’s all good.

All this is a bit disconcerting for all concerned.  What a bummer for everyone there with respect to Christmas.   I should think this will put a major crimp in all the last minute shopping. given that it happened on the afternoon of December 23rd, New Zealand time.

My wishes and thoughts are with everyone there.

We arose early this AM and had a good look around Fort Bragg before we took off.  I spent some time looking for a friend of mine, Bruce, from my military days.  He was born and raised there in Fort Bragg.   I didn’t manage to contact him but I think I now have the information to track him down by E-Mail later.   Apparently,  he’s living now in a town north of Fort Bragg called ‘McKinleyville’.

We drove down the coast enjoying the beautiful sea views all along the way.   We came to Mendocino and I remembered my friend, Katy’s, advice that we should look in on a place called Cafe Beaujolais.   We found it but it was closed until later in the morning.   I took a fun photo there, however, under their sign which I’ve posted on Facebook.   Mendocino was a very cool town and we strolled and looked at real estate postings in the real estate office windows.   Always fun to dream.

We drove on south from there until we decided to cross over the coastal mountains as we wanted to stay in or near Santa Rosa.   

We chose to cross on a road called, Skaggs Springs Road.   It was a small and lost sort of road.   Just asphalt – not even a center line for a long ways.   But, it eventually got us over to highway 101 and that fine highway took us down to Santa Rosa where we are currently ensconced in a fine establishment near the south end of town.

And that’s my story today – and I’m sticking to it.

Night all.


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