Ditches and sun

After the cow adventures last night, we returned today to deal with putting the pipes down in the ditch.   This will be a ‘french drain’ system which means that the water that is down in the ground because of rain will go into perforated pipes buried in gravel  under the ground and be carried away and not cause the water table to rise so high that the local septic system will fail.

So, the ditch that the cow got into last night is the same one we worked with all day putting in pipes.

All day we used a surveyor’s to measure the hight of the pipe under the ground to ensure that water that flowed into it will proceed downhill as desired.   Pipes were glued together, gravel was carried, ditches were crossed and climbed into and out of again.  And all of this under the hot sun.

After all the cold unseasonable weather in Christchurch, it was nice to feel the heat here in Takaka as we worked.

It was a type of work I’ve done many times when I used to be part of a nursery business but I haven’t done it for some time now.   Today, I enjoyed working out under the open sky and sweating.   Good honest labor.

And thus ends a Friday in Golden Bay.

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